Greg Jordan, Internal Auditor Breckenridge Grand Vacations

Greg Jordan has served as the Internal Auditor for Breckenridge Grand Vacations for 11 years. As his company has grown, he has maintained a firm grasp on the daily operations of four timeshare resorts with a meticulous attention to detail. To ensure that every account balances to the penny on a daily basis, Greg, and his staff review financial transactions associated with operations at these resorts. The process includes verification that every refund is associated with an actual charge and that the refund is appropriate and justified.

Greg always gets to the bottom of mysterious charges or credits and then takes remedial action to prevent similar situations in the future. Working closely with the company’s night auditors, he must also remain vigilant with regard to changes in product offerings and procedures in order to complete auditing the accounts on a timely basis. This is a huge responsibility for one person since every account must be reconciled on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

It is most fortuitous for BGV that Greg is a master of digital organization. Whether payments are made by cash or via credit cards, he must ensure that every transaction has been properly coded in the company’s accounting system. Last year ARDA named Greg the winner in the category Owner/Customer Relations Administrative Support Professional.

The Texas native holds a B.S. degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management from the University of Houston. He says one of the best parts of his job is being able to work with many different company departments, which brings constantly changing challenges.

Greg reviews all of the daily activities associated with the Guest Services Departments at all four timeshare resorts. The Owner Relations Department is also subject to audits by this nominee, which are designed to ensure that all monies associated with rental folios (amounting to more than $7 million a year) are tabulated and properly dispersed. He also audits the collection and disbursement of vacation exchange fees processed by BGV and audits their two sales lines to ensure all premiums gifted are associated with a bona fide sales prospect and a tour.

Staff turnover represented a serious challenge after BGV opened the fourth property, causing many staff members to be promoted to different positions, creating openings for new hires. This required Greg to ensure that everyone was up to speed on accounting procedures and techniques. The process included making staff members comfortable with the fact that their work would be subject to regular audits. Always on the lookout for coachable moments, he serves as an invaluable hub of useful information for the entire company.

At BGV, all employees are empowered to do exceptional things for any owner or guest who encounters a problem. Although beneficial for the company’s efforts to achieve good customer service ratings, many times these special concessions require extra attention and documentation. Greg regularly receives electronic notification whenever a unique situation occurs so that it is not a surprise during the course of an audit.

A significant achievement, he successfully promoted paperless tour gifting. Rather than issuing thousands of paper gift certificates that took significant time to reconcile, BGV now issues Reward Dollars and VISA gift cards, which are easy to track electronically, integrates well with operational demands and ensures the integrity of the audit process.

According to his supervisors, Greg is a consummate team player. Whenever something needs to be done, he volunteers for the job … from breaking down boxes for recycling to delivering pizza for a meeting. He also coordinates the company’s Lost and Found recovery systems and donates unclaimed items of value to a local family resource center.

Although most of the tasks associated with auditing financial transactions happen behind the scenes, Greg displays a very professional level of finesse when searching for solutions to problems and always keeps the best interests of the company in mind. When not auditing, he enjoys skiing, volunteers for hiking trail maintenance projects, and lends a hand to the local Animal Rescue Center, often helping others as a dog sitter.