Timeshare Escrow & Title Principals Say “Timeshare is in our DNATM “

Dave Heine, President and CEO of Timeshare Escrow & Title (TET), which offers several regulated services to assist buyers and sellers seamlessly and securely transfer timeshare titles, says “Timeshare is in our DNATM. Since TET is fully licensed in 23 states, and also services Mexico, the Bahamas and the Caribbean, we can confidently claim we work with the majority of the timeshare industry.”

“We respect our competitors,” says Crystal O’Berry, TET Vice President.” However, what makes us stand out is our longtime history and depth of knowledge in the timeshare industry.  There are unique intricacies in dealing with timeshare legalities and we are trained, experienced and trusted by our clients.”

With more than 30 years combined experience between them, Heine and O’Berry recently attended ARDA World 2018, the annual convention of the timeshare industry in Las Vegas.  They say, in addition to their core services, they found great acceptance of their most recent most recent venture which offers hidden money-making opportunities for developers and Homeowners Associations.  

In addition to this “secret sauce” the Orlando-based firm offers five basic services:  Deed-only Closings, Secure Escrow Transactions, Title Insurance, Disbursement of all Purchase and Sale Documents and Funds and Legally Complicity Records of Deeds.  

“We know how busy it gets at these conventions, and it was difficult to book appointments with all the people who were interested in talking with us,” said Heine. “Because many of our colleagues are curious to find out ways to legitimately and easily increase their ROI, our ‘dance card’ filled up fast.  We’re looking forward to continuing this conversation with as many folks as possible and encourage those we missed to call 401-751-5550 or email info@timeshareresaleclosings.com.”

About Timeshare Escrow & Title

The company actively perform timeshare title transfers in a total of 23 states, Mexico, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, plus other locations around the world, positioning Timeshare Escrow & Title as one of the largest independent national title agencies serving the timeshare community.  It is fully licensed and appointed to perform closings for customers as a title agency for Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, the largest timeshare title insurance agency in the US.