The New Timeshares From America’s Trains Are Now Available

America’s Trains Inc. (ATs) is now offering their all-inclusive Journey by Rail vacations on luxurious rebuilt passenger railroad cars as timeshares (Train’Shares) effective immediately.

Fixed week Train’Shares are sold on train sets. Train’Share ownership includes rights to annual or biennial all-inclusive Journeys by Rail for two passengers in a designated room category during a set time period on a specified rail car. Owners have floating week privileges because they can also travel in any available car at any time on routes of their choice.

The benefits of a Train’Share are unlike any timeshare. If a Journey by Rail is not used, no annual fees will be paid and ATs guarantees no unexpected fee increases will occur. Available ATs Journeys can be exchanged for a worldwide selection of luxury resort vacations through RCI.

For a full list of all the benefits of becoming a Train’Share owner and more detailed information, please visit and click on “More Train’Share info” at the bottom of the page.
Barry Jones, the Company’s CEO, stated that, “Initial limited capacity will be overcome quickly as additional cars are completed and introduced on a growing number of routes”.

America’s Trains Inc. (“ATs”) provides unique, luxurious Journey by Rail vacations throughout the USA and into Canada, with intriguing en-route layovers where passengers live on board while enjoying endless local activities and attractions. ATs rail cars are not older units with new paint, fixtures and furniture. They are fully redesigned, rebuilt and refurbished to exceed Amtrak’s mechanical specifications, with interior amenities that retain classic features and provide utmost passenger gratification.