Swift AllMobile: Enhancing the Timeshare Resort Experience

Swift AllMobile

Swift ALLMobile provides personal single rider golf carts and all terrain mobility scooters.

Timeshare resorts can depend on SAM vehicles to offer guests with mobility issues the freedom and independence that will enhance the pleasure of their experience. The availability of SAM carts and scooters on the property proves that the timeshare cares while expanding the opportunity to serve a rapidly expanding population. The beauty and features of a resort can only be appreciated if they are accessible to all.


SwiftALLMobile Technologies has a clear mission, to provide products that extend, protect and enhance the active outdoor lifestyles of people as they age or become mobility dependent.

Mobility issues affect the population of aging baby boomers and many post boomers affected by injury, illness or the aftermath of military service. SAM is particularly sensitive to the needs of our wounded warriors.

Like many ventures, SAM was launched and has developed in response to a very personal reality .


The founder and current principals of SAM, spent their long, successful careers designing and building custom machinery. Equipment that handled and manipulated air cargo and baggage, serviced airport ground support vehicles, assisted with the testing of military jet engines or manipulated composite or glass panels with exacting precision were amongst the many diversified accomplishments of the group. When visiting New York City and the new Freedom Tower, you are looking up at glass that was power installed by this groups machines.

In 2012 Chris, a friend and trusted college for nearly 30 years was becoming increasingly immobilized due to the effects of diabetes. A former golfer, hockey player, equestrian and fiercely independent man, Chris was depressed about his future reliance on others to do the simple life tasks.

The team ruminated about his situation and devised a plan to capitalize on their long historic expertise in electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic servo systems. They designed and built devices that would enable him to dramatically extend his mobility and self-reliance.

During the development of Chris’s mobility enhancing devices, visitors to the facility related enthusiastically to the new equipment’s capabilities. We listened to their stories about family members, friends and loved ones. We were introduced to wives with MS and sons suffering from military related injuries, brothers crippled by work place accidents and a young woman having had a freak cycling accident that limited her ability to walk.

We became energized by the prospect of applying our collective life long experience to helping people, requiring enhanced mobility and formed ALLMobile Technologies as a separate business entity.

Focusing on a Target Market:

The field of mobility enhancement is highly diverse and growing rapidly in response to the aging population and needs of our wounded warriors.

Mobility enhancement is more profound and significant than merely providing powered personal transportation solutions. It provides the means to continue lifelong activities that often become unreachable without assistance. Hunting, fishing, golfing, gardening, or simply walking independently on wooded trails or urban streets keep people active and in control. Sporting activities, often lifelong passions can continue.

Expanding the ALLMobile scope:

ALLMobile purchased the assets of the Swift Golf Cart Company forming the Swift ALLMobile, SAM entity. Swift had since 2006 provided single rider golf carts which enable disabled and aging golfers to successfully continue their game. The Swift Cart offered adaptive seating, permitting severely handicapped golfers to play again. The Swift Cart design enabled travel on greens and tees without turf damage

The core Swift mission was perfectly aligned with ALLMobile’s. The Swift cart itself presented another opportunity. The well designed, rugged, safe easy to use cart could be repurposed as an all-terrain mobility scooter. Necessary engineering changes were completed to address this new function and the E-Quad scooter line was launched. E-Quads and SR series golf carts are available in several models and with many available options

Built in the USA

SAM products are built in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The facility is equipped to manufacture and support all products.

Financing plans are available.

For more information call 888-223-3280 or visit their website at www.myallmobile.net.