Studies Show New Importance of Mobile Technology for Travelers

Mobile technology, whether smartphone, tablet or laptop, has become an ingrained part of our lives so it is probably no surprise that vacationers find themselves just as dependent on the devices when they travel. Diamond Resorts International®, a global leader in the vacation ownership industry, has examined the growing trend of staying plugged in while trying to unwind.

Smartphones have become an essential tool for work and leisure ever since Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007 and coined the phrase “there’s an app for that.” A January 2016 study by Expedia / Egencia found that the devices have dramatically improved the quality of travel itself, whether it’s business travelers using mobile devices to stay connected to the office or leisure travelers using them for navigation, finding restaurants and tourist sites, photo taking, documenting their travels on social media and even providing language translation. Which no doubt accounts for more than half the survey’s respondents confirming they would be “lost” without a mobile device on vacation, and as many as 60% admitting they never truly unplug during the trip and would be “unwilling” to go on vacation without their device. Thirty five percent claim to use their mobile device more on vacation than they do at home, which is perhaps logical given the many tasks a single smartphone can accomplish.

Mobile devices are a key element in the booking process as well as the vacation itself. The growth has been staggering. Where roughly 35% of vacationers reported using a mobile device to research and book their travel in 2014, that figure has grown to more than 50%today and is projected to reach more than 68% by 2018. With all the widespread mobile usage, it is inevitable that the boundaries of social etiquette will be tested. Diamond Resorts International® notes that the biggest complaint is also the easiest to solve: “playing music, games or videos without headphones” is reported as a notable problem by 58% of travelers, a 10% leap since 2014. The #2 reported offense by 57% of travelers is “making/taking calls while on speakerphone” and the invasion of personal privacy by “taking photos/videos of strangers” was reported as a huge transgression by 48% of survey respondents.

Which countries are most reliant on their mobile devices while traveling? China and Taiwan tie for the top spot on the list with 94% of respondents from both countries saying they need their smartphone, with Thailand making the #3 position at 91%. Finally, Diamond Resorts International® would also like to remind travelers to stay prepared, as it as found that only 28% of travelers report carrying a rechargeable pack or spare battery.

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