Star Island Resort, one of the industry’s largest independent vacation ownership resorts, has launched its own ‘branded’ app designed to significantly increase income at the 900-plus room Five Star resort.Star Island App

The App, designed by Resort App Builders (, enables Star Island to keep in contact with their onsite guests using Resort App Builders’ Customer Engagement Solution (CES) that constantly ‘re-engages’ those guests through the use of eye-catching graphics sent to the guests’ mobile phones and tablets.

Resort App Builders’ CES uses strategically-placed beacons—small Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices positioned throughout the resort—to connect with guests and send relevant messaging and information. When a guest ‘crosses’ the path of the beacon signal they receive an ‘activities alert.’ To maintain Star Island’s high level of customer satisfaction, the guest will not receive the same message more than once a day.

“We believe technology such as beacons is the future of the vacation ownership industry,” said Lew Matusow, president of Resort App Builders and a vacation ownership industry marketing veteran. “The App—which is beacon enabled—will definitely increase revenue by keeping guests up-to-date on activities, events and onsite discounts. For Star Island we’ll be focusing on driving additional visits to the resort’s spa, bars and other revenue-producing areas.”

Matusow also believes the onsite guest contact can increase in-house tours for resorts.

“Not everyone is ready to agree to a tour when they arrive at a resort, particularly after a long, tiring trip to get to their destination,” said Matusow. “By sending relevant, contextual and timely messages via the beacons, resorts can drive guests back to the hospitality desk where they’ll have another opportunity to get the guest to tour.”

To encourage guests to download the Star Island App, Resort App Builders has designed a collateral package that includes front desk signage, room tent cards and even ‘reminder’ cards that accompany their room keys. Key resort personnel will also wear eye-catching ‘Ask me about our App’ buttons.

In addition to enabling guests to receive the beacon messages, App downloaders will also receive attractive, full-color ‘push’ messages once they return home.

“By using ‘push’ messages to engage those guests who have returned home, the resort can keep those guests up-to-date about special vacation offers, mini-vacs, discounts, etc. sent directly to the former visitors’ phones,” said Matusow. “This provides the resort with an ongoing method of sending value added messages to the guest on a year around basis with the goal of getting them to return to the resort. For the sales team, it’s like getting a ‘second bite’ at the apple.”

For further information or to arrange a demonstration, contact Matusow at 305.238.1889 or