Technology is generally associated with a machine or software. However, when digging deeper to its core, technology is the practical application of scientific knowledge accumulated by systematic study and organized by related principles. SPI professionals use a science-based approach when assessing a resort client’s (or, as SPI prefers to say, partner’s) needs. Using this approach, coupled with nearly 38 years of acquired business knowledge and software expertise, the team conducts in-depth reviews of each resort partner’s objectives and business requirements to deliver robust, reliable, and user friendly automation.

This approach, coupled with SPI’s underlying philosophies make it the technology of choice in the shared ownership arena. It starts with vision as a vibrant, growth-oriented, superior solutions provider operating in an environment in which team members are continuously challenged and supported to achieve their full potential. SPI’s mission is to contribute to the success and achievement of client partners by delivering unparalleled technology solutions and support.

Richard Corso
Richard Corso

Timeshare/Shared Ownership is Our Only Focus
As the industry’s first timeshare technology company (since 1978), it is no surprise the SPI team brings partners a wealth of experience. The executive team comes from leading timeshare and highly successful software development companies. SPI’s CEO was an international timeshare developer whose teams produced nearly $1 billion in VO sales. Its CIO has been leading timeshare enterprise software teams for over a decade. Other members of the leadership team bring a combined 80 years of industry experience. The average industry experience for the Implementation and Training team is 15 years.
“We have assembled the dream team for our shared ownership partners” notes SPI CEO Richard Corso. “In addition to a wealth of experience, SPI team members have accumulated an unparalleled depth of knowledge. The team has implemented and supported thousands of resort and user applications and they bring this acumen to every partner every day.”

Technology Leadership
SPI Software is built on Microsoft .NET and SQL and is highly scalable and configurable for a single resort or a multinational chain. Partners may select desired modules or the enterprise version including sales, marketing, PMS, reservations, loans, dues/maintenance, and reporting.

The open architecture provides a framework for easily extending applications with SPI or through in-house or third-party software developers. Solution application is made all the easier with included reference tools such as the data migration and web services tool kits, detailed data dictionary, and partner Wiki guide.

Ed Klein
Ed Klein

Round and Square Pegs Welcome
Today’s shared ownership operator is a highly driven and competitive leader engaged in the business of broadening consumer satisfaction and attracting new buyers, while managing costs. Innovation and change are the operator’s daily norm and it’s SPI’s, too.

SPI’s highly flexible application supports fixed, points, float, clubs, fractional and whole ownership. Independent resort developers value SPI’s ability to meet their needs “right out of the box.” Management companies love the flexibility required to oversee sales and operations of resorts using a wide variety of sales, marketing, and operational policies. Independently managed resort HOAs are quickly adopting SPI’s low-cost solutions for reservations, dues, distribution, exchanges, and owner service. With SPI there is never a need to fit a round peg in a square hole.

Solutions At Work
Innovative applications are the rule – not the exception – for SPI partners. For example, the Owner Connect web-based functionality is much more than a powerful booking engine. Resort operators provide consumers 24×7 service through private web portals. Consumers may access information on rentals, resales, title changes, statement balances, availability, events, renovation news, usage calendars, new products and services, resort photos, and more.

Another solution, curbside check-in, has been very valuable for many of today’s partners. Particularly on heavy check-in days some resorts may process hundreds of check-ins. A fast and friendly check-in experience is a powerful way to ensure a great vacation experience.

More could be said about the innovative functionality that has served to help SPI’s resort partners achieve and exceed their goals, such as disaster preparedness, cloud-based dashboards providing sales and marketing data to management and other creative solutions. They all serve to make a point: SPI’s science- and partnership-based approach can provide resort operators with the most efficient, robust and effective software available in the timeshare industry.

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