Special Design for Special Resorts

Every resort in its own way is special. It’s special to the owners and guest because they are creating memories and they have chosen to visit and/or own that specific resort in that specific area. Its special to the management company because it has its own set of reserves, things to deal with, set of owners and board members and specific parts of the resort that profitable and parts that aren’t. Every resort is special to the employees because it often is where they spend more time than anywhere besides their own home.

Every resort we work on is extremely special to us here at Hospitality Resources & Design for all the reasons listed above and much more, sometimes special in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. We have had the good fortune of working all over the United States and every resort has their special set of area attractions. That might be the beach, mountains to ski on, places to hike, etc. and generally that special area attraction is what led someone to buy or rent there. For us the “special” part relates to floor plans and how much space we have to work with or not work with, where is the plumbing and electrical located, is the building up to code, does it adhere with ADA requirements and guidelines, budgets, timelines, decision makers, etc. For the intent of this article, I am going to use a case studies and why we found it to be special to us.

Hollywood Beach Towers is located in Hollywood Florida and has a special set of opportunities. This specific property is managed by SPM and Trish Docherty, Regional Vice President. We became involved with this project at the very beginning of the planning phases. Hollywood Beach Towers was originally a college dormitory built in the late 1960s and converted to a timeshare in 1981 and had not been touched since. It still was dressed with mirrored walls, pastel case goods and an entire pastel color scheme, old cabinets, old appliances and all old plumbing. It was in dire need of a facelift.

The project started in 2013 and all the rooms were completed by March 2014. We phased the construction and FF&E install floor by floor so the property could still operate and be open. Our design intent was to create a coastal, modern, chic interior while ensuring all the products installed could withstand the hard use of timeshare and get it all installed during the down times. Like every project, there were a set of perimeters we needed to work within to ensure the design was carried out the way it was intended and the whole project fits within the properties needs/ desires/ timelines/ budgets/ etc. This one certainly was special and needed special design to ultimately be specifically what the property needed and wanted.

You see, HBT was very special in the since that while it was a dormitory it had a bedroom side and a living room and kitchen side joined by one door, but each side had its own entrance to the corridor. It made the perfect scenario to create two units in one. Some electrical and plumbing had to be adjusted and moved, but ultimately the property or owner could use the entire unit and comfortably sleep 4 people or use one side and rent the other side.

On the bedroom side, we installed king beds, a small dining table with two dining chairs, a lounge chair and a wall unit that consist of a dresser and two towers to the side that have shelves and compartments to house a mini fridge and coffee maker. Also in this room, there is a bathroom with a walk-in shower and a full closet. All rooms look at the water and are very open. On the living room side, we installed extremely comfortable Murphy beds that fold down over a sofa, dining table with four dining chairs, a lounge chair, and coffee table. On this side, there is a full kitchen and full bathroom with a tub/shower combination. Now when an owner has their week they can utilize the entire unit or only one side, both sides now comfortably sleeping 2.

The improvement and quality of the new furnishings have allowed the property to expand their rental program which has substantially made the property more profitable. Hollywood Beach Towers was able to have the flexibility to create these unique room types and that has allowed them to increase the number of nights available by being capable of using them as one unit or two units. All bathrooms and kitchens were updated with bright white cabinets with modern lines do continue the coastal, chic look. Also installed was a neutral granite in all bathrooms and kitchen so continue the design intent and all new stainless appliances. We converted the bedroom side to have a walk-in shower and kept the tub/ shower combo in the living room side.

This was a very large investment for Hollywood Beach Tower owners and took an enormous of time to plan and prepare for. Initially, some owners had their reservations because they were concerned with the final functionality of the two separate units. So far everyone has been happy and, as noted before it has increased the profitability of the resort. It certainly had a set of special set of needs and requirements, but in the end, it was a big commitment and a big success.



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