Oasis® Aquarius Counter Top Is Ultimate Hydration Machine

Oasis® International’s Aquarius Counter Top is the point-of-use water cooler for the well-appointed office. It’s engineered for people who appreciate the quality of fine refreshment—and who need to make a quick stop before getting back to work and life.


Aquarius Counter Top conveniently dispenses cold, hot, and room temperature water from a single dispense point and can be connected to a filtration system for ultimate refreshment. Get a drink, make a fast lunch, or fill a water bottle. Whatever the need, whatever the temperature, Aquarius Counter Top gets it done—even faster with three pre-select cup sizes or any size dispense amount. The 11-inch dispense height is specifically made for on-the-go bottle refilling.


“Also, because the unit is under waterline pressure, there’s no open air in the reservoir,” said Lou Busick, VP Innovation and New Product Development, Oasis International. “That means more sanitary, better-quality water because waterways stay cleaner between regular maintenance.”


Aquarius Counter Top is less than 17 inches high, perfectly designed to fit under kitchen cabinets. Aquarius is Oasis’ top point-of-use product line, offering a stylish polymer cabinet, the newest technology inside and in the controls, and a no-scratch base that won’t harm counters.


Space-saving design, an extra-high dispenser, and three water temperatures make Aquarius Counter Top the envy of any break room, cafeteria, or corporate kitchen.


About Oasis International

Since 1910, Oasis International has focused on bringing refreshing water to the world. Since inventing the modern-day drinking fountain, the company has become the global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of clean drinking water systems. The company’s offering includes bottle fillers, water coolers, bottleless coolers, under-counter chillers, dehumidifiers, and countless environmentally friendly products. With an ongoing commitment to green thinking, OASIS sets out to change the world, one sip at a time. For more information, contact Oasis International at 222 East Campus View Blvd., Columbus, OH 43235. Toll free: 800-646-2747. Fax: 614-322-4557. On the Web: www.oasiscoolers.com.