Mermaid’s Journey Retreat Mexico

The MERMAID is an archetypal image that embodies the Divine Feminine within. A Mermaid is a woman who is at ease diving below the surface of her intellect and finding the pearls of the wisdom hidden there. She symbolizes a woman who learns to use her emotions and intuition as her greatest source of power.

The Grand Mayan is a luxurious, five-star, seaside resort which offers the ultimate setting for you to be taken through the Mermaid’s Journey, an emotional empowerment vacation to connect with the Divine Feminine and discover its power in your life for healing, clearing inner roadblocks, and reaching your fullest potential.


  • 3 Day Emotional Empowerment Workshop with Transformation Expert Rebecca Taylor Shaw, CCH
  • 1 Day Beauty Makeover
  • Mermaid Photo Shoot and Photo Keepsake
  • Hotel setting in a beautiful natural jungle preserve
  • 17 wonderful bars & restaurants
  • 15 pristine pools and a Jack Nicklaus golf course
  • Luxurious spa amenities included in your package
  • Retreat Packages begin at $999

Go to: for details!  Call Victoria Crittenden, event coordinator at (858) 335-7088