Merlin Software: Software for Vacation Ownership

There is no doubt that the game changed in vacation ownership technology when Merlin Software entered the market in 2005.

Developed by Mike Pnematicatos who has over 30 years’ industry experience, Merlin’s mission is to develop innovative software that enhances the operations of our clients and to deliver a memorable customer experience.

Now, timeshare resorts of all sizes, ages, location and product type can benefit from the latest cloud-based technology and run their entire resort operation with just one piece of software – and all without the need for expensive servers, communication links or even an IT resource.

Simply explained, Merlin Software provides complete enterprise software in a single SaaS solution. Users just login to their private resort account on their PC or laptop and access Merlin’s modules with a few clicks.

These fully integrated modules support every aspect of a resort’s operation including sales, marketing, property management, front desk, reservations, management fee billing and a full multi currency accounting package.

And it’s suitable for all types of vacation ownership business – whether your resort is a single site, HOA-managed resort or a group of 50 resorts, all in-sale and located around the world.

Merlin’s modules are a highly efficient, intuitive and cost effective way to manage your entire operation.

Need a full CRM system? Merlin’s marketing module provides this. Want to run off sales contracts and pay commissions? Merlin’s sales module handles this with ease. Need to email or mail management fees? Then Merlin’s back office module can do this for you and help you account for all the payments in the full accounting module too.

To help resorts get the most of Merlin, the team has divided the software into three key areas:

1 Merlin for HOA Resorts: This out-of-the-box solution has functionality specifically for mature resorts such as a property management system, reservations, accounting, ownership management and real-time reporting.

And the good news is that for many, it is available license-fee free. You just pay a set-up fee and pick the support package that is right for you.

2 Merlin for Clubs: Targeted at non-traditional timeshare products such as vacation clubs where sales, marketing and inventory management are critical for success. Included in this package are Merlin’s online services which integrate with a resort’s website to offer online reservations, payments and concierge services.

3 Merlin for Enterprise: The complete Merlin package, which includes access to all the software’s functionality, interactive pages, web services and multi-currency accounting package.

The aim is to support every aspect of the business so, when required, the software can be configured and customized to the needs of your operation.

And with Merlin’s support team on hand to guide you through, we are committed to providing the very best customer experience. The Merlin team ensures that none of our clients are ever lost, confused and alone with our software.

But just as technology moves on, so does Merlin Software.

The Internet has changed how timeshare owners interact with their resorts. Owners now expect services such as online payments and live reservations to be available 24/7 from their resort’s website.
And Merlin delivers.

Online booking engine for rentals and leads: Using Merlin’s interactive pages, rental guests and leads can make a live booking on a resort’s website using Merlin’s rental booking engine.

Guests can search for availability, view the units and facilities, learn about the resort, make bookings and pay for their accommodation – with all data captured directly into Merlin.

Member online functionality for timeshare clients: Merlin allows resorts to develop an interactive owners website where owners can update and view their reservations, print statements, view transactions and make payments on-line using an existing merchant.

Merlin’s interactive pages save money, time and are highly efficient; they work from one piece of software which drives both the business and the client interface and provides fantastic client service and satisfaction.

Whichever package is right for you, Merlin is an affordable, user-friendly, single business application solution that meets the total needs of our client partners and provides new business opportunities that no other software provider is able to match.

About Merlin

Principals: Mike Pnematicatos, founder and chief architect;
Martine Pnematicatos, director of global operations; and Mike Ashton, director of business development
Location: South Africa, the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom.
Product: Cloud-based enterprise software developed for the vacation ownership industry
Contact: Mike Ashton:
Tel: 44 (0) 870 803 4418 | 1 646 233 3503
Cell: 44 (0) 7753 910788 | 1 407 460 5315
Skype: mikeaa1