LinkedIn Minute: Stop Sharing Updates While You Get Your Profile In Order


Today’s LinkedIn minute will cover something everyone needs to do before they start making profile updates. We want to make sure that we don’t spam people when we plan to make a lot of updates to our profile. To get started, we are looking for LinkedIn privacy and settings. This can be found in the top navigation bar of LinkedIn. Look for a tiny picture of yourself with the word Me underneath. I call this the mini-me. Click the down arrow next to your tiny photo and select Settings and Privacy from the drop down.

When you’re on the Settings and Privacy tab, go to visibility and then down to the second tab called Visibility of your LinkedIn activity. Scroll down on the right to where it says share profile updates with your network. Make sure that it says no. Otherwise, every time you make a modification, change your profile photo or just put a hyphen into your profile, it will notify everyone on your connection list. And we don’t want that. So I recommend before you start doing a major overhaul of your profile, make this change on your Privacy and Settings. Again, you find the mini-me at the top and then come down into visibility, the second section, and then share profile updates with your network, change from yes to no.

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Sheryl Cattell, is the course creator and lead instructor for the LinkedIn Business Edge™, presented by BizHack Academy, and author of Turning Adversity into Purpose. Cattell is also a Master Certified Life Coach and founder of Allmaya, LLC, a coaching service dedicated to helping aspiring high achievers realize and attain their life’s purpose.