Hotel Makeover Opens Colorado Renovation Office

Hotel Makeover announced today that its first franchised turn-key hotel renovation office in Colorado has opened in Denver.

Daniel Penza, the company’s first Colorado franchisee, is a former Vice President at Goldman Sachs and Executive Director at JP Morgan.  He works with hotel and resort operators to plan and manage their renovation activities, and is supported by Hotel Makeover’s central team of design, purchasing and construction experts. “Dan knows asset management from all sides,” said HM Franchise President, Joe Aiello. “He truly understands that renovations are successful for hoteliers only when they increase sales, reduce maintenance costs, and build value.”

“For the first time, hotel and resort operators in Colorado have access to high powered skill sets they need to improve their hotel’s value and become the strongest competitors in their markets.  Dan’s renovations are 100% complete, more successful and less expensive than all other alternatives – and it takes just one call to make them happen.”

About Hotel Makeover

Founded in 1999, Hotel Makeover is establishing a national network of offices to place hotel renovation experts like Dan within driving range of virtually every hotel in the country.  It began franchising in 2015 and was featured in the March 2016 edition of Entrepreneur Magazine. Offices are currently open in Houston, Denver, Tampa, and Raleigh, with more slated to open in 2017.