HOSPECO® Toughworks™ Dual Chamber Bucket Keeps Clean Water Separate from Dirty Water

hospeco dual chamber bucket

Someone has finally built a better bucket. HOSPECO® introduces the Toughworks™ Dual Chamber Bucket, a high-value, industrial-grade, 35-quart wringer-mop bucket designed to keep the clean water separated from the dirty water at all times, offering greater cleaning efficacy and higher concentrations of cleaning solution. Other built-in features assure ergonomic benefits to help reduce stress and strain injuries. Four-inch casters with three-quarter-inch thick wheels easily glide over standard floor drain grates. It’s also likely to save money for building cleaning staff.

It all starts with the unique bucket-within-a-bucket design, featuring a removable dirty water compartment at the center. Lighter and easier to handle than the full construct (or other buckets of its kind), pouring out dirty water is a breeze. It comes equipped with a large, durable down-press mop wringer to force out more dirty water with less effort.

The separate compartments keep dirty water isolated from the cleaning solution and help reduce contamination for a better clean. Clean water with floor-cleaning chemicals remains in the outer compartment, so 100% of the clean water is used 100% of the time. Toughworks can also save money by reducing chemical usage by up to 70%—because chemicals stay active in the clean chamber and floors get clean the first time.

“There are multiple benefits that make Toughworks the last bucket any establishment will ever need,” said Bill Hemann, vice president of sales and marketing. “By effectively walling off clean water from dirty, you get a purer clean that makes maximum use of chemicals and virtually eliminates cross-contamination. Then there are the benefits to the worker. First, the down-press wringer is a more natural motion than a sideways press and requires less force to expel dirty water. Next, the removable dirty water bucket is much lighter and more manageable than other options that require upending the entire bucket to empty it.” 

As HOSPECO celebrates 100 years in 2019, the company continues to elevate cleaning by making it smart and affordable with the Toughworks Dual Chamber Bucket. It also features a removeable insert in the wringer to accommodate a variety of mop sizes and mop head types, from small to large and microfiber to string, integrating seamlessly into most cleaning protocols and processes, whatever they may be.


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