Get Certified As A Vacation Rental Manager – Earn Your VR – MBA

This is a LIVE course for those who missed the first one Novemeber 2018.
The Vacation Rental MBA starts here with a prerequisite course on Florida state licensing.
This course provides 5 credits towards your certification.
No cost for this prerequisite course.
February 27th, 2019 at 1:00 PM
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The vacation rental MBA is the first of its kind in the vacation rental industry here in Florida. Owners and managers can gain proficiency in professional management practices, licensing and business development skills by taking all, or a handful of our credit courses. Each course is followed by testing module to gauge the skills of the participant. A 70% passing grade is required to obtain course credits.

Our DBPR license course is the prerequisite to all certifications and generates 5 credits towards a certification. Accumulating 20 credits provides an individual with a basic MBA certification and 32 credits a Pro MBA Certification.

Companies can become a certified company if the Owner, General Manager or CEO become certified with at least 1 other company manager.

Start Earning Your Credits Today!

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