Fidelity National Timeshare Welcomes New Senior Title Officer

SAN DIEGO, CA– (June 26, 2017) – Fidelity National Timeshare, a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial focusing on the timeshare industry, has named Bobbie O’Connor as Sr. Title Officer.  The powerhouse company which combines the experience, knowledge and energy of both Fidelity National Title Group and Chicago Title Timeshare supports all facets of the shared ownership industry including fixed weeks, intervals, points-based vacation clubs, and travel clubs, fractional and private residence operating structures.

According to Les Abeyta, Vice President of Operations/San Diego, “We are very excited to have Bobbie join our team.   She truly understands our business and her previous background with a major title company working with brand name developers gives her insights into customer service and myriad facets of the industry.  Her expertise will help guide our title operations and grow revenue.  Her training skills will be a welcome addition and help ensure our staff is cross-trained.”

Cross training is particularly important, says Les, because Fidelity National Timeshare does much more than providing Title and Escrow services to the timeshare market: “We are experts in timeshare law, marketing, operations, accounting, data management and strategic-relationship building.  We like to think of ourselves as business partners to our clients.”

“I’m proud to be on this elite team of professionals who’ve held executive positions in timeshare exchange companies, developers and law firms that support the industry,” said Bobbie. “I’m ready to be part of this expert team.”

Fidelity National Timeshare, with a long and proven history of providing expertise in Title and Escrow in the timeshare arena, services clients of all sizes.  In addition to title and escrow services, Fidelity   assists their clients in many important areas, including managing new sales and recovering stale and forgotten inventory. Fidelity’s specialties include owner support, search and document retrieval, foreclosures, escrow, inventory management, resales, data management, safety and security and title insurance.

To service the complex needs of the shared ownership industry and its global footprint, FNT maintains offices in California and Florida. Bobbie will work from her Orange County office.  For more information: Click here.