Escape the Sameness of Design Trends

Designers love trying new things. But there are so many instances these days where being different is simply creating a whole bunch of new, but similar ideas.

As an industry, we’ve unwittingly and collectively decided widespread imitation is called a “trend,” which is essentially true. But one thing we aren’t considering is how so-called trends affects overall creative influence and individual hotel earning potential.

When all hotels look the same, even if it is the “new same”, they’re, well, the same. And that can lead to the commoditization of your product where you can only fight to win a customer on rate alone.

Here at The Refinishing touch we want to help you set the stage for new trends, not rehash ones already being used by your competition.

Here’s one great idea that saves money while also creating a different look; refinishing or re-engineering furniture is a smart solution that keeps you on budget while giving you extra design dollars to dedicate to other aspects of your vision.

Yup, you heard it here first; older furniture can be reinvented and re-purposed to like-new condition in a way complimenting the wholly original design you’re setting out to achieve.

Whether a piece needs to be reconfigured or reinvented, The Refinishing Touch has myriad solutions. Rather than blow up to half your budget or more on new furniture, you can spend a fraction the cost to create factory fresh looking pieces by changing color, adding stone, laminate or glass elements. But that’s not all.

One clever solution is taking that existing furniture and adapting it to house custom minibars or refrigerators that make your client’s money. There’s no longer an excuse for not turning your case goods into a major profit center.

Also, swap out the hardware for a contemporary look. And reupholstering seating is now a viable alternative in helping you reach your design goals.

If you’ve never thought of this solution before, it’s sure to make you a design hero to the people hiring you. Plus, you’ll be helping the hotel be more sustainable, which appeals to today’s ethical traveler.  And get more jobs from them in the future because you know how to stretch a dollar. Oh yeah; all that work is done by American craftspeople too.

So, before you design your next hotel project, think about this: Just because you think that furniture is outdated or outmoded, it’s probably not. The Refinishing Touch can help you figure out how to maximize your design budget by eliminating a good chunk of your furniture costs.

Now go design and be happy! Call Today for more information.