Do we still Place a Value on Ethics?

GBG & Associates

Lately, it doesn’t seem like we do. Across all media, we are constantly subjected to negative rants about politics and politicians, cultural and racial biases, violence, and negative reviews on much that was sacred before. But, there is one organization that is taking steps to counteract the negative by reminding us of the importance of ethics. In September, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), is celebrated Ethics Month. There’s no better organization to do it. Public relations is built on the foundation of honesty, trust and commitment to serve the public good. The group’s commitment is emphasized by a strict Code of Ethics and Standards that they set for themselves and those who practice the profession.

Important to be a Member

We at GBG recognize the importance of being a member of a number of Industry Associations including ARDA, CVOA and PRSA. While the travel and hospitality organizations of which we are members are invaluable to us, the Public Relations Society of America is on my mind as we near their convention scheduled for San Diego in October. PRSA maintains high ethical standards and supports all the values that we hold dear.

Here are some reasons I’m proud to belong.

  • Education

PRSA supports continuing education for all professionals. That includes

their yearly International Conference (ICON), which (conveniently for all

of us) is in San Diego this October. It features 7 different tracks geared to

various industry sectors, specialties, organizations and career aspirations.

  • Provides and facilitates webinars, publications, interaction with colleagues
  • Improves the quality of our work through continuing education opportunities
  • Stimulates new thought with numerous opportunities to share with fellow PR colleagues

Opportunities to Connect and Share 

As a single practitioner my PRSA membership is invaluable. It gives me a solid base of fellow professionals to interact with. PRSA’s educational and social events offer opportunities to connect, share, and learn from other PR professionals. My membership keeps me aware of the important trends happening in our industry and makes me a better professional.

Supports and Strengthens 

In a world where ethics seem to be out the window, PRSA supports and strengthens the value of ethics, the very foundation of public relations, and reminds us of our promise to:

  • Represent clients with integrity
  • Not compromise our ethics
  • Share the truth, not lies

This month join PRSA in celebrating Ethics Month. Check out their website – for a list of webinars, conference calls and Twitter chats going on all month.