CustomerCount Partners with Ragatz Associates to Provide Valuable Analytics

CustomerCount®, the cloud-based customer feedback management system, has teamed with Ragatz Associates in an agreement to provide valuable analytics to CustomerCount’s clients.  Ragatz Associates is among the most highly respected research companies in the hospitality industry. This partnership will enable CustomerCount clients essential insights to its survey results.

CustomerCount’s Worldwide Research Analytics Program (WRAP) offers the expertise necessary to formulate conclusions and make strategic recommendations regarding intelligent, tactical, and appropriate responses.

According to Richard Ragatz, President and CEO of Ragatz Associates “In terms of customer response, CustomerCount is far and away the best data gatherer in the industry.  However, too often the end user of the feedback data is left with a pile of numbers with little direction –or time– on how to use the information.  We’ve had 40 years of interpreting survey results.  Now CustomerCount subscribers may receive—in addition to the critical hard data—a concise accompanying written report. This report will interpret the data, describe its implications, and make appropriate recommendations for the client’s marketing, sales, operating and consumer-relations programs.”

“Our goal is to use WRAP to provide strict reporting on customer perception of their experience, regardless of the touch point, “said Bob Kobek, President of CustomerCount. “This in-depth research analysis of CustomerCount’s robust reporting gives our customers the best of both worlds:  detailed data and Ragatz’ expert interpretation and guidance.

“This program partners the top of the line data capture and reporting mechanism with the top research group in the leisure travel industry. The ROI on this for our clients should be immediate”, he added.

To learn more about WRAP, contact Bob Kobek at CustomerCount.

About CustomerCount®

CustomerCount is a feature-rich, cloud based survey solution providing intuitive real-time reporting, fast turnaround on requested updates, and detailed and dynamic data gathering capabilities to support process improvement efforts, build customer loyalty and improve your bottom line. Developed and managed by Mobius Vendor Partners, CustomerCount was initially designed for the timeshare and contact center industries and is now used by organizations across numerous different vertical markets and industries.  For more information, visit or call 317-816-6000.  Follow them at on Twitter @CustomerCount or   

About Ragatz Associates

RAGATZ ASSOCIATES is an international consulting and market research firm in the resort real estate industry. It was founded in 1974 by Dr. Richard Ragatz. Clients represent both the private sector (from small, individually owned companies to international corporations) and the public sector (from small municipalities to national governments). The firm specializes in the shared-ownership industry, including fractional interests, private residence clubs, and resort timeshare. We also work with hotels and various forms of whole-ownership resort real estate developments. The firm has worked on over 2,500 assignments in the resort real estate industry in 48 states and over 70 countries.