CustomerCount® and ConnectionsTM Link Up

Enterprise Feedback System and Leader Text Marketing Solutions Find Synergy in Relationship

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (December 17, 2018) – CustomerCount®, the cloud-based customer feedback management system, has formed an alliance with The Connections Group an engagement marketing company specializing in conversational text and commerce solutions for business i.e. through Text, SMS and MMS deployment.


CustomerCount collects, measures and reports customer feedback through branded, customized online surveys. These surveys are formulated to measure the quality of the customer experience in more than 40 languages.  CustomerCount feedback systems may be integrated into most any customer interaction ranging from point of original contact to post-trip experience and every touch point  in between.


In addition to measuring overall customer experience, the feature-rich system incorporates an  On Site Service Request Solution.  The system uses SMS text messaging so resort teams may address issues as they happen, while customers are still on site, with filters designed to highlight and alert managers to constructive customer feedback as well as needs.


The Connections Group provides cutting edge technology in the communication method more people are using every day:  conversational text messaging.   With Connections, businesses and resorts can text enable any landline and easily manage multiple lines and departments.  Messages may be flagged for follow-up and transferred between agents and departments.  The system allows customers to interact with a business without long hold times and delayed responses.


“We’ve seen a change in the way that our surveys are accessed,” says Robert A. Kobek, president of CustomerCount.  “Mobile device popularity continues to grow. A year ago, 45.7% of our responses came from mobile devices.  Today it’s 51.87%%.”


Jay Conrad, President of The Connections Group, says,  “People communicate via text more frequently these days.  With conversational marketing we see higher engagement rates, higher cost satisfaction and greater ease of problem resolution.  People are more apt to text or access a web app than to call housekeeping for extra towels or contact the concierge to book a dinner reservation spontaneously and even when not on-site. “


In the Hospitality Sector, CustomerCount believes there is a strong and positive correlation  between the use of SMS to access the CustomerCount On-Site Service Requests and a resort’s NPS (Net Promoter Score).  The more quickly a problem is solved impacts the guest’s overall satisfaction with his vacation stay.


“With real-time  access to requests for information, our clients can take action and see results,” says Kobek.  “Partnering with Connections at the most crucial moments of the Guest Lifecycle gives us the leading edge in gaining customer trust and loyalty. This includes the increased speed of response that our Resort Experience feedback system will deliver back to the resort.”


Connections Conversational Text Solutions accommodates more guest requests, with faster communications.  Not only does it drive conversational opt-in text campaigns for future promotions, it also increases hotel property employee productivity.


Connections provides conversational text solutions in partnership with CustomerCount for the entire guest lifecycle from guest acquisition; to on property communication; to guest retention and problem resolution after a guest leaves a property.


With myriad capabilities across each of their platforms, CustomerCount and Connections have a unique synergy.  Since CustomerCount’s measurement tools can track a customer’s experience from start to finish and   Connections technology can kick in at the initial marketing efforts, the two systems will work in tandem to track calls, requests, and collect customer data.

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The Connections Group is a conversational engagement marketing company specializing in conversational messaging and commerce solutions for business.  Located in Deerfield Beach, Fl and Greenville, SC, The Connections Group helps your customers connect with business via mobile text messaging with their Connections platform over a business existing business numbers providing Trusted Customer Experiences through its patent pending Click-2-Text™ and Connections text platform and solutions. 

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