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The team at CRA has over 25 years of experience working with much major hospitality, entertainment, vacation resort clients and ownership groups to help create environments that exceed the expectations of today’s visionary traveler. Our services include interior design, furnishing services, project planning, design management, concept development and master-planning for a cross-spectrum of product types. Our diverse experience has helped us formulate a successful approach to the design and renovation process.

In addition to the big names in our industry, we have also worked with several independent owners, home-owners associations, property managers and boutique properties across the nation and around the world.

We work with the best; we learn from the best and we bring that experience and passion to all of our client’s projects big and small.

How do we do it?

CRA - Creative Resource Associates
CRA – Creative Resource Associates

Listen closely to understand:

Our process begins with a thoughtful session of listening closely and understanding the particular and unique needs and expectations of the property and its owners. What has worked in the past? What successful experiences can we expand upon? And where are the opportunities for improvement?

Envision an aspirational environment:

With an understanding of opportunities from a collaborative meeting on-site, we develop a narrative that connects the unique virtues of the property to the emotional expectations of the owner or guest. The narrative drives our successful design! We package our vision and present it to all stakeholders including owners, managers, and brands in a thorough, fun and collaborative session that generally elicits enthusiastic feedback from all involved!

Document thoroughly:

CRA fully documents interior design and selects all furnishings. As part of our collaborative meeting with your team we determine a workable budget and realistic schedule. We collaborate as necessary with architects and other design consultants to collectively deliver a successful design! We provide a thorough, tight set of peer-reviewed documents that allow you to build with confidence!

CRA - Creative Resource Associates
CRA – Creative Resource Associates

Execute with care and precision:

From years of experience and through the selection and purchase of tens-of-millions of dollars in FF&E and finishes every year, we leverage our experience, reputation and clout with manufacturers to drive the best deal and greatest value for our clients. We arrange the logistics, delivery and installation of furnishings on-time and within budget. Our qualified team of design managers works closely with your general contractor to ensure accurate implementation of the envisioned design.

Follow-up after the “grand opening”:

We are there for you! One call follow-up for damaged items, warranty follow-up, care, and maintenance direction and additional site improvements.

While we are confident that expectations will be exceeded after project completion, we aim that our design is just as successful years later! Our goal is to help you deliver an interior project that is aspirational, functional and fresh until the next scheduled renovation.

Do you have an upcoming renovation or an idea for a new venue? Let us be a part of your vision. Let us help formulate your ideas to create amazing interior environments with you. See why so many leading hotel companies, vacation ownership developers, resort managers and home-owners associations big and small call on CRA to help design and implement successful interior experiences!

Please email us at or call (818) 577-4320 to discuss your project needs.


  • Renovation interior design
  • New build projects interior design
  • Complete Property Furnishings and Installation
  • Concept Development
  • Master Planning
  • Public Areas
  • Amenity Areas
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Villas and Guest Rooms
  • Sales Centers
  • Fractional Residences
  • Serviced Residences
  • Hotels, Resorts