Colebrook Financial Inks Deal With Vacation Ownership Sales

Timeshare development/vacation ownership specialty lender Colebrook Financial Company announced they recently provided additional funding for their long-time client, Vacation Ownership Sales, Inc. (VOS), which performs management, sales, and marketing services for Vacation Internationale. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Vacation Internationale is the oldest points-based multi-site vacation club in North America.


“We’ve been doing business with Mike Vasey and Stu Allen for a dozen years,” says Colebrook Principal Bill Ryczek. “They have a fairly complex business, and in the past we’ve been able to help them out with some fairly creative financing on their Mexican projects,” says Ryczek.  “I’ve worked with the Vacation Internationale organization since 1988, and it’s the oldest and one of the best run clubs in the vacation ownership industry.”


Vacation Ownership Sales Co-president Mike Vasey says, “Since we began working with Colebrook in 2005, they have proven themselves to be loyal and supportive partners and have been a big contributing factor to our economic sustainability and growth.”


Vasey and Allen are profiled in the article, “Vacation Ownership Sales and Vacation Internationale; Hitting on all Cylinders, ” which appeared in the Spring 2014 edition of the Colebrook Chronicle. In the fall edition that year, the Chronicle included Allen in a panel discussing acquisition strategies.  In the Winter 2013 issue, there was a story about the lending relationship between the two companies. Visit for further information.

About Colebrook Financial Company 
Colebrook Financial Company is a lender specializing in the timeshare/shared ownership industry, providing hypothecation and other financing products for small and mid-sized developers in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean. Colebrook is large enough to provide financing in the $20-30 million range but small enough to deliver a unique brand of personal service. For further information call Bill Ryczek at 860-344-9396. For more information, visit


About Vacation Ownership Sales, Inc.


Vacation Ownership Sales, Inc. provides management, marketing and sales services to Vacation Internationale, the oldest points-based multi-site vacation club in North America.  Based in Bellevue, Washington, VOS and VI have created a uniquely successful business model of a non-profit owner-controlled club working together with a privately held management, marketing and sales company to grow the club more than 25 percent in the past 10 years.

Media Contact for Colebrook Financial Company:
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