Colebrook Financial Announces Line of Credit for StaySaver Vacations

Bill Ryczek, Colebrook Financial Company

Colebrook Financial Company, a leading lender to the timeshare and travel club industries has provided a $5 million line of credit for travel club receivables to StaySaver Vacations.  StaySaver offers members affordable and flexible travel through an online booking experience for everything from condo vacations to cruises.

Bill Ryczek, Principal of Colebrook Financial said: “We’ve known some of the StaySaver principals for many years.  They’ve assembled a formidable team, are growing quickly and we look forward to a long, rewarding relationship.”   

Colebrook is a pioneer in many forms of financing and began working with club products before most lenders. Few competitors can match their longevity in the industry.  They enjoy a  reputation for adapting to new situations more quickly than larger institutions.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, StaySaver has a reputation for delivering outstanding vacations through its powerful online reservation portal.  The Travel Club also has sales offices in Miami and Virginia Beach.  In business for just over a year, the company has a team of seasoned travel professionals at the helm, including Larry Biondi, Kevin Sheehan, Jose Hernandez, and Anthony Polvino.

Larry Biondi of StaySaver said “Colebrook Financial has been way ahead of the curve when it comes to financing travel clubs.  The present climate is excellent for consumers who want travel flexibility at a reasonable price point.  We are pleased that Colebrook is forward-thinking and supports our business model.”

About Colebrook Financial Company

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