Chess House: Checkmating the Electronic Media Epidemic

Resorts are calling giant chess one of those “no brainer” add-ons that remains a big attraction, week after week. With low cost of entry and wide spread appeal, the game of chess levels all language, culture, and racial differences and invites everyone to join in the fun.

The game of chess also provides a much needed escape from the electronic media epidemic that Americans are immersed in for an alarming 4-11 hours a day. That is why a hands on game that stimulates the intellect in positive ways is a smart investment more than ever.

“Resorts providing games and activities that are perceived as healthy and inherently beneficial to their clientele chalk up a real but sometimes immeasurable win in the minds of their guests”, reports Raphael Neff, owner of Chess House. When asked about their favorite experience at a resort, kids will often highlight the giant chess game they found during their stay. With today’s parents designing their travel plans largely around their kid’s interests, it is a great idea to cater to those interests.

From toddlers to retirees, the eye-catching 25” pieces by Chess House engage players to the game, and spectators to the action. This is not just a “European thing”. With organizations like First Move and Chess4Life bringing chess to classrooms across the nation, an upcoming 2016 release of a Disney movie featuring Fiona Mutesi, Queen of Katwe, who went from an African slum to a worldwide sensation, and the 2016 Chess World Championships coming to the USA, there’s an upcoming surge of interest in the world’s most respected game.

chess house“I remember starting out in chess as a child with my brothers”, says Raphael. “It is a fun pursuit that can ultimately play a big part in creative thinking, problem solving, and entrepreneurism skills.”

Mr. Neff believes wholeheartedly that this game is an amazing way for resorts, and anyone, to send a positive message to families and the public in general that, “we care about the youth and encouraging families to stay and play together”, and he wants to help resorts get this fantastic game on the grounds in a way that is easy to source and maintain.

Chess House makes this attractive and painless by delivering the set with everything needed to make it a success for years at a cost of less than $950.

All that is needed for the game itself is a 10’ x 10’ space and an adequate perimeter to walk around it. A playing surface can be designed by the resort to fit the look of the grounds, in tile, brick, paint, or any one of a variety of creative ways. However, resorts can also get started immediately with one of Chess House’s semi-permanent all-weather snap together mats, or nylon quick-lay mats, the choice depending largely on whether it will stay out for weeks at a time or be stored nightly.
Theft of Knights, Kings, and Queens is rarely a problem; however, if it is a concern, a storage solution for the pieces can be easily obtained and Chess House does offer an easy piece replacement plan for unexpected loss. If the space is exceptionally windy, the 25” tall pieces can be weighted with sand or water.

Resorts around the country are making the Chess House 25” Giant Chess Sets available to their clientele with great results and Raphael invites you to inquire or get started today.

The Giant Chess Guide for Resorts will equip you with visuals, tips and ideas in a 5-minute quick read.

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