Bay Tree Solutions Applauds ARDA Stance on Timeshare Exit Firms

Bay Tree Solutions, one of the timeshare industry’s most robust and ethical online timeshare marketplaces, issued a statement applauding the timeshare industry’s stance on timeshare exit firms. In a recent press release from ARDA (American Resort Development Association) entitled “Judges Ruling Demonstrates the Pattern of Fraud and Deception Perpetrated by Exit Firms on Unsuspecting Timeshare Owners” Robert Clements, VP of Regulatory Affairs and General Counsel of ARDA said “Timeshare owners were deceived into paying large upfront fees for services that the exit company knew it could not deliver.” He was referring to a ruling of the United States District Court Middle District of Florida Orlando Division ruling against Mitchel Reed Sussman & Associates, a timeshare exit firm.

“We applaud this ruling,” said Doug Milbrath, CEO of Bay Tree Solutions. “ARDA’s efforts to support consumers has opened up new options for the resale market. The distraction of the negativity of the exit companies has unfairly damaged the industry’s reputation. Our philosophy is that a robust secondary market only enhances the value of a timeshare purchase. Our model is designed to maintain a fair resale price which does not diminish the value of the timeshare. Exit companies have attempted to scam the public into thinking there will never be a resale market for timeshares, which could have become a self-fulfilling prophecy, leading to disappointment for timeshare owners wishing to sell. Folks who advertise their resort interest with us understand there is no quick fix, and patience will prove to be beneficial in selling for a fair price.”

According to the judgment, referring to Westgate Resorts which brought the suit: “Under the Declaration, an owner may sell or transfer his unit. But before doing so, the owner must honor Westgate’s Right of First Refusal… Those are the two exit options contemplated by Westgate’s Declaration.”

“We like the idea that there are two options in play,” said Milbrath. “Bay Tree Solutions can provide the second option by bringing buyers and sellers together and working with owners who come to us with the desire to sell for a fair price.”

Milbrath continues that “we never counsel a prospective timeshare seller to stop payments and always suggest they contact the resort first. Especially for owners with outstanding mortgages, we are here as a third-party to get their timeshare in front of qualified buyers who are looking to get involved in timesharing as a vacation lifestyle opportunity.”

About Bay Tree Solutions

Founded in 2006, Bay Tree Solutions advertises resales at resort properties in active sales. By avoiding depressed properties and desperate sellers, Bay Tree clients are able to sell their timeshare at prices considerably higher than their closest competitors. Bay Tree Solutions is a proud member of ARDA, an eleven year member of MAC (Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce) and the Greater Atlanta BBB. For more information contact Doug Milbrath @ 800-647-4130. LinkedIn @BayTreeSolutions