a Simple Referral Program Can Increase Control of Your Inventory and Improve Owner Satisfaction

Let’s face the facts: no matter how well you maintain and manage a timeshare resort, there will be owner turnover and delinquent accounts. That’s part of the business and there’s no getting around it, but now you can turn this nuisance into a source of revenue.

When Owners Want to Sell Will You Offer Solutions or Perpetuate the Problem?
The timeshare resale market has grown too large to ignore. Faced with consistently rising maintenance fees, the aging owners of many legacy resorts have begun to actively search for effective exit strategies.

Publicly available data from Google indicates that interest in selling vacation ownership has reached its highest levels since 2010. While some owners go straight to the internet, most owners seeking an exit strategy first turn to their home resort management company.

Management companies can either provide a viable exit solution or leave owners to fend for themselves. Those who leave owners to their own devices will likely see high rates of delinquency and may find their inventory trapped in avaricious “Viking ship” and relief companies. Under these circumstances, it will become virtually impossible to acquire new maintenance fee paying owners.

The alternative stands to benefit both owners looking to sell and resort management companies seeking fresh, engaged owners. But this opportunity extends beyond relief from delinquent accounts: partnering with the right resale company can actually generate additional revenue for your company or resort!

Out with the Old, In with the New
Historically, resort management companies and developers have been hesitant to refer to resale companies because even the best in the industry couldn’t provide consistent fulfillment. The resale services offered in the industry were limited. Sellers received little value and new owners were very difficult to acquire.

In short, the timeshare resale industry was only working for itself.

Timeshares Only was already “The World’s Largest Online Resale Marketplace” when Bert Blicher, resort developer, financier, and former Chairman of ARDA took over the company in 2012 with a vision of redefining the timeshare resale experience. In 2015, Mr. Blicher brought in Sam Pontius, formerly of SPM Resorts and Hilton Grand Vacations, to serve as President and continue the company’s tradition of trailblazing the timeshare secondary market.

In addition to developing a robust distribution network, Mr. Blicher and Mr. Pontius created an innovative, proprietary membership program, dubbed TO GO, which has positioned Timeshares Only to supply credible exit solutions and value-added services to timeshare owners on the resale market. Membership includes exclusive monetization options for existing owners, best-price travel rates, and a first of its kind cashback maintenance fee relief opportunity.

The goal of TO GO is to make the timeshare resale process easier and more rewarding for timeshare owners. Paired with Timeshares Only’s comprehensive advertising platform that maximizes visibility and exposure of timeshare properties for sale and rent, TO GO empowers owners to start earning money from their timeshare immediately, even before it is sold. TO GO enables owners to convert timeshare intervals to cash or travel credits that never expire – a true value added service to any vacation ownership!

Make Resales Work for You
Timeshares Only has preferred partner relationships with many branded developers, exchange companies, HOA’s and real estate professionals. It’s time your HOA or management company joined the list. Let us help you:

  • Provide professional assistance for your owners that desire to sell their timeshare
  • Replace delinquent or soon to be delinquent owners with new MF paying owners
  • Generate additional income through new revenue opportunities
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing a trusted source and viable outlet for owners
  • With TO GO membership benefits, provide additional incentive and ability for owners to continue paying MF’s whether they choose to post for sale or not
  • Feature your resort on our websites with photos, information resources, and brand specific digital marketing, which organically builds additional brand recognition, demand, and product value for your resort
  • Keep your inventory out of the hands of the bad guys (scam/relief companies)
  • Maintain a level of control over the supply of inventory in the secondary market

If you’re ready to put the timeshare secondary market to work for you, give Timeshares Only a call at 1-800-610-2734, or email our Senior Vice President of Marketing, Shauna Norris at shauna.norris@timesharesonly.com