7 Strategies To Use Instagram Stories To Help Promote Your Business


It’s no secret Instagram is becoming a leading tool in growing brand awareness. Using Instagram stories is the leading trend to inviting an open conversation between you and your followers and is a great way to invite hype and intrigue. We’ve put together a few examples of ways to invite that interest that are easy to set up and effective.

Behind The Scenes Content

People are curious; they want to know what goes into to creating a business and a product. Showing honesty and transparency into what you do will help to create a trust between you and your followers.  Taking your viewers behind the scenes, whether it’s to show them production or creation, to conduct interviews, or to ‘visit’ your office space, inviting them to see this will intrigue them further into what you are doing and how you’re going about it.

Q and A’s

A great new feature of Instagram Stories inviting conversation and perhaps introducing some intrigue is the Q&A option. This allows anyone who follows you to ask a question about your business or product. “Adding a face or even a selection of faces behind the brand will create a better connection and an open conversation between you and the audience. We’ve seen it with bigger brands creating characters of your workers, explaining what they do and how they do it. “It’s also an insightful way of learning about your audience,” writers Olivia J. Hurst, project manager at Study demic and Uktopwriters.


Another great feature of Instagram Stories are polls. This is a great way to find out what your audience wants to see and what content is working. Using polls can increase interaction leading to more clicks to your page and your website, which is perfect for seeing if your customers are responding well to products, getting direct feedback, or conducting research. Polls can be used for upcoming releases; when your audience wants to see a product; and what they prefer about your business.


This feature again uses interaction between your business and followers. Putting a countdown feature on your stories can invite others to share this countdown on their stories and save it so they know when your next product is going live. It invites hype and anticipation towards your brand. As a result of using the countdown feature, you’ll be able to analyze the data and see how many people are using the countdown feature and if it is successful in publicizing your business.

New Post Announcements

Most businesses question using this Instagram feature to help promote new posts, but actually the success rate of people clicking and visiting your page will increase.  It’s simple. Once you create a new post, share it with your story so your followers can see it. Because of Instagram’s algorithm, receiving likes and comments on a new picture can take time as new posts can get lost down the end of the page, depending upon audience engagement. By adding your new post to the stories feature, it will appear at the top of the stories page for your audience. That way they can click onto it immediately.


Host a competition on your Instagram story to create hype around a new product or release. This will invite new engagement with your audience and perhaps more page views. You can do this a number of ways: by making a time limit – perhaps 24 hours to enter and submit – and have people enter their email or contact details through answering your story. You can also link to your competition through your story, therefore making it necessary for them to visit your main page and website. Creating an urgency and intrigue is what will make people interested in your brand.

Go Live

“More and more businesses are choosing to go live to talk directly to their audience,” writes Connie K. Raymo, business blogger at Academized and Elite assignment help. “This feature will drive more engagements and interactions which is what you want for your business to stand out and succeed. Starting a live interactive event can also drive your page to the top of the list on the Explore page which is perfect for inviting new followers.” Answer questions directly about a product, unveil a new product, or even talk about ‘behind the scenes.’ You could even host a virtual event.  

Enjoy these Instagram story features and use them wisely; don’t oversaturate your followers with endless content; make sure there’s thought and effort put behind each one. You want to share quality content over quantity.

Molly Crockett Molly Crockett is a successful marketing writer. She is featured at Revieweal.com and Coursework writing service. Molly regularly shares her unique lifestyle tips and personal development advice with her audience and writes for Studentwritingservices.com.