Vacation Club, the most active product in the new scene of the Vacation Industry

It is very possible that we are living in one of the most splendid times of the touristic industry, not only related to the growth all over the world but also on the division of a new scenario with the incursion and role change of the new and traditional players of the industry.


The incipient prominence of investment funds in the participation of all kinds of companies in the sector provokes a substantial change in operation and management models, but especially in brand criteria and vacation assets.


The relationship with the client and the potential to generate value as internal asset will determine the evolution of different types of vacation developments.

The traditional tours operator each time has more “bricks” in his assets, the OTAs each time have more and more market share in commercial distribution, their stratospheric investments in marketing make the mission to compete almost impossible in their natural habitat and platforms as Airbnb offer the most flexible and comprehensive accommodations in history. It is a new juncture in which the level of relationship with the client is directly proportional to the increment in your account and rate of growth.  The principal motor of the hotel industry growth and of the Vacation Club is directly proportional to the design of a solid commercial strategy that has in the long-term direct sale channels.


We all have knowledge of the benefits that a Vacation Club offers to any developer as income and cash flow, but today more than ever members-lifetime value should be its main asset. The specific knowledge of our associates and the potential behind of each of them should be the differential element to use, we should have two clearly differentiated strategies regarding our level of communication and relationship: associate as consumer of the vacation product/service (principal internal tour operator) and associate as a brand ambassador (travel agent and influencer).


Once segmented our base differentiating profiles and compartments, we must plan specific strategies/actions for both channels.  The social networks are a great reference indicator; through this channel we will be able to identify the more actives profiles and their influence level.  Our policy not only will be focus on the vacation experience of the associate as a client if not we should make them participants of our philosophy, projects and evolution as partners so they can promote our lifestyle, not only to their nearest environment but to all possible levels. A good channel and communication actions will make your associates the best marketing associates, product design, pricing, etc… no one better than them will know your product from the view point of a consumer and promoter. To be able to transmit these values and knowledge of brand either through specific events in parties or special reunions, social media campaigns or through dynamic platforms (e-learning) will allow to our associates to have a perception not only based in their personal, but a vision of what our brand can offer from multiple angles.

In this way we not only obtain increments in revenue through the use of the membership by the associates, guests or referents in their immediate environment, but we will vitalize the reach of our message through those associates whose digital profile is alarmingly active and influential in social networks.


Traditionally we always have focused in the associate experience, as user of our product and vacation service, but the potential that some of them have as promoter of our brand it is enormous, arriving in many occasions to niches in the market totally opaque to any business strategy. Considering the cost of the actual distribution channels and their bull trend, the associate is presented as the most profitable and solid option both in terms of final customer and commercial channel.


To have this level of engagement with the associate is not longer enough the delivery of an exclusive and personalized service during the phase of travel and stay, we should know the real needs of the person who is behind of the client, generate a natural environment and empathetic communication to establish emotional bonds that generate a relationship with our brand, not only during the vacation but during the whole year.  It is vital to have a professional team not only with excellent orientation to the service, but with certain personal values, only then will we be able to connect emotionally with the person behind each membership number. Each time result more complicated to exceed the expectations of a customer in terms of product and service level, the emotional link to all attention levels will generate a highly superior degree of loyalty.


In an increasingly dynamic and demanding vacation industry, where historically the developer/hotel owner has had the element of greatest value and depreciation in the financial balance, it has a golden opportunity to invest in the most flexible asset with the highest revaluation upward in its brand value: Vacation Club