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More Wisdom From Shari Levitin….

Every time Shari speaks, I learn something new! I expect the same will be true for me after listening to her at the “Innovative Sales & Marketing” Town Hall on July 16th at 1:55 p.m. EDT. (Don’t miss it! Everyone in the industry is attending.)

Here is a little more about what to expect:

“Are you a Sense-maker?”

Here’s a statistic that will boggle your mind: Humans consume 74 gigabytes, the equivalent of 175 newspapers of content per day. Customers are assaulted with, facts, pseudo-facts, exit company ads, resale offers, yelp reviews, all posing as relevant information. Much of the well-sourced information is contradictory. Sorting the “need to knows” from the “nice to knows” is exhausting to our customers and results in a no-decision.

Add to this vacationing patterns and motivations for travel have transformed drastically since Covid-19. Today’s overloaded customer has become paralyzed by fear and is often incapable of making a decision about travel or anything else for that matter. 

What’s the solution?  New research, just released by Gartner, reveals three types of selling behaviors, yet only one today is effective. Sellers who help make sense of information, who can simplify and tune into the feelings of their customers rather than piling on more data, significantly outperform their peers.

Shari has recently presented this material to sellers, students and heads of sales at Hilton, Harvard, Comcast, Staples, Adobe and at YPO with rave reviews.

Shari is one of ten thought leaders in sales and marketing for Gartner and is exciting to bring this new information to the Vacation Ownership industry.

Thank you for sharing, Shari!
–Sharon Scott Wilson, RRP Publisher, The Trades Publishing Company

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