With On-site hypochlorite generation technology, also known as saline or salt chlorination, from ChlorKing®, you can fill your pools and spas with water that’s well-sanitized and sparkling clear with a mineral-water feel that won’t burn swimmers’ eyes and will feel more comfortable on their skin and bathing suits.

New “Clean” to Pool Water Sanitization

It’s time for resort owners and managers to move outside their comfort zone for water sanitization and open a new

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The Chlor MSM salt chlorinators are designed to meet the lower capacity needs of spas and smaller commercial pools, such those at hotels and motels, while giving them the operating efficiencies and safety benefits offered for larger pools by the company’s Chlor SM line.

New ChlorKing Chlor MSM Salt Chlorinators Sized for Spas, Hotel/Motel Pools

ChlorKing’s® new Chlor MSM (Mini Switch Mode) line of salt chlorinators is designed to meet the lower capacity needs of

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