2018 ARDA World Winners and Finalists

ARDA Award deadlines are just around the corner, so now is the time to recognize your company’s best people, products, and promotions and select your favorite wordsmith to craft their nominations. The Ffinal deadline is January 31, 2020.

Now in its 34th year, the awards program welcomes nearly a thousand nominations each year and operates like a well-oiled machine due to the dedication of Catherine Lacey, ARDA’s VP of Meetings & Executive Director, AIF, the awards committee – which is comprised of professionals representing different facets of the industry – and scores of volunteer judges.

Explained Catherine, “It is important to understand that Awards Committee members do not review or select winners for the Awards. We leave that process to the non-partisan judges, experts in the category they are judging. Instead, the awards committee is part of the planning process for everything related to the ARDA Awards submissions and ARDA Awards Gala. They review the Awards Guide to determine any need to add, delete or modify any categories according to the ever-changing landscape of our industry. They also review and make recommendations on the talent for the Awards Gala. Our true award is seeing the growth of this program over the years and the recognition of our industry’s best of the best”.

How it works. In selecting the winners, about two dozen ARDA members from around the globe serve as volunteer judges. A certain number of points are awarded for each question. The narrative with the highest number of points is the winner. Period. Since the judging is “blind” with the candidate’s name and company blanked out, everyone is on equal footing. This enables large companies to compete with the smaller ones. Professionals in their fields conduct judging for advertising and design entries at ARDA’s offices. (Tips On Writing An
Award-Winning Narrative from veteran judges)

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