Concord President & COO Shaun O’Neill to Lead Panel at Marketplace Lending Conference in New York City.

Shaun O’Neill, President and COO of Concord Servicing Corporation, a leading force in the portfolio servicing and financial technology industry, has been invited to serve as moderator of a finance-related panel during the upcoming Information Management Network’s 3rd Annual Investors’ Conference on Marketplace Lending. O’Neill’s panel will focus on the highly topical “Trends and Best Practices for Loan Servicing” during the conference, to be held December 1st at the Marriott New York Downtown, in New York City.

Now in its third year, the Investors’ Conference on Marketplace Lending hosts leading online lending platforms, asset managers, institutional investors and others to discuss the latest developments in this dynamic sector.

Shaun O’Neill says that the panel discussion he will moderate will focus attention on the critical importance of third-party servicing, and how companies like Concord work to help their clients reduce their risk exposure in structured financial transactions. As he explains: “In addition to the large portfolio of assets for which we provide primary servicing, we also support approximately 150,000 loans with combined balances of approximately $1.9 billion as a master/backup servicer. Our ability to provide confidence in the capital markets for our clients has been our company’s bellwether strength for nearly 30 years.”

O’Neill’s and Concord’s emphasis on the importance and vitality of the role of third-party servicing in the capital markets is echoed by many in the loan servicing industry. Paul Humphrey, Senior VP of Financial and Capital Markets for Bluegreen Vacations (a longtime Concord Servicing client), in Boca Raton, Florida, explains that, for organizations that access capital markets, “Consistency is the key in backup servicing, which Concord has provided us over many years. That, and an impressive grasp of industry knowledge, which they also have continuously demonstrated.”

About Concord: 

Founded in 1988, Concord Servicing Corporation is a leading force in the portfolio servicing and financial technology industries. Presently servicing nearly two million unsecured consumer obligations, Concord manages a portfolio of approximately $4.8 billion. The company has grown to encompass nearly 200 dedicated professionals located at its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as in Mexico City and Cancun, Mexico. For more information on Concord, contact Allison Friedson at or visit