Monterey Financial Services: You Made the Sale, Now What?

At Monterey Financial Services, Inc. we understand that your core business is not built around Financing, Servicing, and Collecting your customer receivables. Our core business IS. During the last 25 years, Monterey has perfected the framework needed to serve the lifespan of every consumer receivable.

Debt Recovery
Monterey has been generating capital from delinquent accounts for a quarter century. Our approach to delinquent debt goes above and beyond that of our competition. Any company can pick the low hanging fruit from the tree, but it takes a specialized process to collect the rest. Our collection services are superior to other agencies because we combine advanced technology with the most talented and skilled collection staff in the industry. Put us to the task and we’ll show results risk free!

Loan Servicing
Build value to your in-house portfolio with Monterey’s professional loan servicing program and protect your receivables portfolio long before accounts become delinquent. Our servicing program gives you more than just payment processing. Our professional call center, 24/7 online access for you and your customers, accounting reports, performance reports, and attention to accounts the moment a payment is missed is what keeps your portfolio valuable and reduces overall delinquency at an optimal level.

Consumer Finance
Monterey purchases both existing portfolios and new accounts as they are generated. Our finance program is custom fit to your parameters and can include consumer credit quality of all kinds. Since Monterey has been working in the vacation membership and ownership industry for more than a decade, we can offer flexibility where traditional lenders don’t.

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